‘Racist’ Baby K’Tan Sling Package Sparks Outrage On Social Media

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2) The Baby K’tan product featuring the African American woman is from our organic line which should actually be priced higher than the other product displayed.

3) The couple considered to be Caucasian is actually in fact an international couple, featuring a Caucasian mom and a Hispanic dad.

Our company was built and has prospered because of our focus on diversity and inclusion. We wholeheartedly reject any false, unfounded and baseless claims of discrimination as depicted in the above misrepresentation. We here at Baby K’tan fully support exposing any unfair and inaccurate stereotypes, racism and/or discrimination wherever it may exist.

We plan to continue including diverse parents, both individually and as couples, throughout our images. In fact, we are proud to have such wholesome and loving caregivers as the faces of our company.


Even with that in-depth explanation, some people still called foul:

But the company is not without its supporters:

What do you think, NewsOne Fam? Is this a case of misrepresentation or clear racist stereotyping? Is there an appropriate way to market to single, Black mothers?

Weigh in!

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