State Of Black America 2014: Blacks And Latinos Remain Underemployed

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The rate of underemployment for Blacks was 20.5 percent. That means that Latinos at 18.4 percent underemployed are faring slightly better but both groups lag significantly behind Whites who sit at 11.8 percent underemployed.

This year, the report takes a unique look at 80 metropolitan areas comprised of Black and Latinos primarily and ranked them on their unemployment and income equality, respectively. Oklahoma City, Okla., Washington, D.C., and Harrisburg, P.A. all the lowest Black and White unemployment rates. The factor in those three cities was that the federal government serves as a major employer for those areas.

Riverside, Calif., was the city where the Black-White Income Index gap was the narrowest, meaning that Blacks and Whites in the town earned near or around the same. Washington, D.C. and its nearby Northern Virginia city Arlington featured the highest Black median income.

The Washington-Arlington areas were also the highest ranked median income for Whites, although it vanquished the Black median income numbers easily. On the other side, the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul) metro are of Minnesota showed the largest gap of income with $28,744 a year for Blacks compared to $71, 376 for whites.

With this extensive data roll out, the National Urban League hopes that government agencies and community organizations applies the findings of the State Of Black America report in bolstering programs and spark discussions on how to slow the damage.

Learn more the 2014 State Of Black America Report by clicking here.

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