Black conservatives are starting their own right-wing digital magazine for African-Americans just in time for the November congressional and gubernatorial elections. The weekly online magazine American Currentsee will no doubt take plenty of shots at President Barack Obama’s legislative agenda.

The magazine’s publisher is Dr. Ben Carson, the renowned former director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins who has emerged as a vocal black Republican.

In the past several months, he has lobbed inappropriate verbal bombs at Obama at every opportunity. I don’t have a problem with a black conservative magazine, but I do have a problem with Carson. This is the same man who said: “I have to tell you, Obamacare is, really I think, the worst thing that’s happened in this nation since slavery.”

Slavery? Really?

I have a problem with Carson when he says that the Affordable Care Act should be dismantled; that wealthy Americans have always given back; that people are not going hungry on the streets because government social programs are providing for them. His rhetoric sounds like it comes straight from the Republican political playbook.

Now a commentator for Fox News, Carson is an embarrassment. He is long on criticism and short on substance. He spends most of his time criticizing Obama but offers few solutions to complex social problems.

But Carson has emerged as the Black face of the Republican Party – for now -though his rhetoric at times defies logic.

“The ruling elite has convinced too many young adults that it’s OK to stay at home and live in your parents’ basements playing video games or aimlessly roaming the streets with friends,” Carson wrote in an essay about his new magazine. “After all, you can get a monthly check, a free cell phone and health insurance from Uncle Sam for doing nothing.”

Longtime conservative Armstrong Williams joins Carson as executive editor and Fox News’ Juan Williams, who contributed to the first issue. The site debuted March 30 and is bankrolled by The Washington Times.

“Opportunity has been replaced by despair. Embracing character, values, marriage and family has been ridiculed,” Carson wrote. “Government dependence has been substituted for self-reliance. And mediocrity has replaced excellence.”

“We need a new media source that embraces hard work, moral character, family values, good education and self-reliance and inspires the next generation with role models who have cast off the chains of mediocre expectations and proven that the American dream is alive and well,” Carson wrote.

Considered a rising star in the conservative movement, Carson has implied that he’s open to running for president and proved he certainly isn’t shy about criticizing Obama. Carson, 61, who grew up in Detroit, says Obama is dangerously divisive. “It’s time for people to stand up and proclaim what they believe and stop being bullied!” Carson said recently at a Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, DC.

“I’ll let you know why I’m not a fan of political correctness. I hate political correctness [and] I will continue to defy the PC police who have tried in many cases to shut me up.”

Carson’s new conservative magazine for African-Americans has only been available for one week and yet I feel I’ve already heard enough.

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