Court Throws Out Double-Murder Charges For Man Who Stood His Ground

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The ruling marks the first time a court has granted immunity to a defendant under the controversial “Stand Your Ground” law.

One of Mobley’s defense attorneys praised the decision.

“Anyone who says that Mr. Mobley had other options or time to make a long, thought-out decision before using force has never been in that unthinkable situation — where the possibility of never again seeing your family hinges on your split-second reaction to two violent attackers,” said Eduardo Pereira.

Miami-Dade prosecutors claim they will appeal the ruling. Should it stay, no jury will be able to consider if Mobley acted in self-defense or not.

“This is what is so frustrating about the way the law is structured,” commented Miami-Dade Chief Assistant State Attorney Kathleen Hoague. “It is devastating for the victims’ families. They never get to have their day in court before a jury.”

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5 thoughts on “Court Throws Out Double-Murder Charges For Man Who Stood His Ground

  1. It’s about time the law works for all. Negros need to be legally ready if they are going to own a gun and ready to Stand Your Ground.

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  3. Hey Al I good thing Florida didn’t get rid of it’s SYG law…or maybe you should go back and protest on behalf of the two dead men

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