Tyler Perry Wants YOU to Audition on the 2014 Fantastic Voyage

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    If you’ve ever dreamed of being in a Tyler Perry production, then here’s your chance.

    Tyler Perry joined the TJMS today to talk ( in full “Madea” character) about how cruisers can audition to be a part of an upcoming Tyler Perry project. Read details below. Click here to book your cabin on the 2014 Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage.

    Tom Joyner:  And now the auditions that will happen on the cruise.

    Madea:  Yes.

    Tom Joyner:  That you plugged on Jay Leno, a two drink minimum.

    Madea:  Yes, you have to have two shots to send in your audition, and you can audition in front of the casting director and then you will be in a Tyler Perry something.  It could be “The Have and Have Nots”, it could be on one of the next movies, it could be on the Fantastic Voyage movie.  Yeah, so we’re gonna work it all out.

    Tom Joyner:  Okay, I got a text message here.

    Madea:  Yes?

    Tom Joyner:  Tom, I’m a juggler, can I audition for Tyler Perry on the boat?  What do I need to do?

    Sybil Wilkes:  He’s a juggler.

    Madea:  Well, let me ask you this.  Have you ever seen a juggler in my damn movies?  (Laughter) Whether you start seeing me doing a Circus Ole by Tyler Perry do you come up with a damn juggle.  What the hell you juggling?  You better juggle somebody else’s audition.  That’s what you need to juggle.

    (Photo: Rance Elgin)

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    46 thoughts on “Tyler Perry Wants YOU to Audition on the 2014 Fantastic Voyage

    1. Wow this great. How I’ve always dreamt of being in one of Tyler Perrys’ movies, if I could… My whole life would change

    2. I am a huge fan I’m not a good singer but I love to sing I’ve written songs,play’s, half a book since I could learn wat I was writing lol I’m looking for an opportunity to live one of my dreams I’m a Christian woman o single parent, I just love made a she is a grandma,aunt,sister that everyone would want. She keep it as real as it can get,she tells the truth, and that’s wat people need to hear

    3. Good day Mr. Perry,
      My name is, Melissa Coke (aka Mel C.). I am a vocalist from Toronto Canada who believes that I possess a gift from the most High. To date, in 2003, I participated in the first ever Canadian Idol and in 2009, I sang backup for Pastor Donnie McClurkin for our church’s conference. Now, I am a wedding singer and performer for many charitable organizations. I look forward in connecting with you and believe that you will not be disappointed.
      Mel C.

    4. hi tyler perry. I believe that i could really be a sucessful memeber on one of your next plays. i just want to be known. i have a voice and i want people be to be able to hear it. i feel like if im in one of your plays, i have finally achieved something in life. my parents would be very proud of me. i just want to entertain people and make it big in life. please give me a chance

    5. Hello Tyler I would love to be apart of your acting career. I am a musician I’ve been in music majority of my life and I really want to pursue acting as well I feel as though I can bring a lot to the table and I am a hard worker I’ve been looking for different kinds of auditions and I would really be pleased to work with you.

    6. Hello my name is Samantha. I’m 19 I love to act I sing and dance. I’ve been wanting this for such a long time. I can work 24/7 for all I care .I would love to be given this chance to show who I really am.I’m funny that’s what people say and I can work really hard.

    7. Hello i left a message but im leaving another to make sure i didnt leave anything from being left behide i would love to meet u and be apart it would a honor to work with u i just really want to make it out the ghetto with my family im begging to be gmail back thank u for reading nikkiwoods25.nw@gmail.com

    8. I would love to try out for your show im a nobody with big dreams a stay at home mom trying to make it out of the ghetto please help thank u and god bless

    9. Hi I’m Brittany 24 and I would love to be on your team I’m like the girl Jamie fox I sing, I’m funny, and I can be a serious actress I’m a triple threat lol. I love all of your work its nice to see a positive smart black man you’re a blessing.

    10. Hi, I don’t know if I’ll be conversing with Tyler or not lol but hello I’m Shan from Mississippi, I’m the worst actor ever but would love to try, I always wanted to act but never did , this would be a great experience,!

    11. my name is Lria hazel ,Iam interested in being in the Tyler Perry play.I’ve been acting at home since I’ve been a little girl. I am 23 years old, I am now ready to face the good challenges in my life .Iam now trying to pursue my dream only if GOD willing .me and my fam cant wait to meet with u .I have been through bad struggles and I. Ould love if you will here my story of my life .tc.have a bless one

    12. ??????? Mr.Perry Im Michael from New Orleans. I respect you in everything you do for others. Im here watching the have and haven’t s. I always wanted to be a production cast member can you give me a try I can use it I care for my late sister children’s. Im twenty nine years old. Im a New Orleans local resident have a clean background you will not be disappointed trust me.

    13. Hello Mr. Perry,
      My name is T’asia McCartherens. I am from a small city called Albany, Georgia and even though my city is not the biggest my dreams are. I am a freshman in college trying to pursue my career early as possible and this would beyond my wildest dreams to even get a response from you. I am a very hard worker that wants nothing less than the best for myself. I know you are very busy , but can you please bless me with an email from you? My email is tasia_mcartherens@yahoo.com

    14. Hi Mr. Tyler perry my name is Tamekkia how are you? I hope well and blessed as well..The reason i was leaving a comment is because me and my mom where looking to plah a role in one of your plays…my mother is a real actor lol want to be people call her medea they say she act just like you and me i can sing but a little shy so if you need any extras me and my mom are willing take care and have a blessed one and keep God first…

    15. Hi Tyler Perry I would love to do it I want to meet all your famous actors you mean the world to me what you said on your plays help me believe in myself and made ma laugh at the same time

    16. Tyler Perry i wanna be a young and rising star. You did for others so you can do it for me. Especially because im not others im M and im proud to say so. I hear your looking for other talent well………HELLO….im right here. I can sing, dance, and act and would love to be able to put myself out there so other people can know(im not a show-off) but it will show people that you can do it to. ESPECIALLY since your not me. Although haters will hate they can go ahead because i couldn’t care any less. Isn’t that what they do best anyways?….Thank you and may God bless you T.P. Im 14 yrs old with an great energetic personality…to be continued…(please contact me then you’ll be able to hear the rest

    17. Hey Mr. Tyler Perry this is maliyah brown and Alexandra hopkins we have a voice that you need to hear we will not let you down we have what it takes and what you are looking for please reply and check us out we are ready for this this is a dream that can come true only you and god can make it happen keep us in mind thank you for this time so I could share this with you love maliyah and alexandra

    18. hello Mr. Tyler Perry this is maliyah brown im from Tuscaloosa Alabama im 15 years old and I want to be your next client that you work with in your next show I want this this is a dream that I would like to come true I want to show my mother and father what a nice intelligent daughter the would have had if they had stayed in my life I just want to make this more than anything in the world if I make this I can put all my worries to the side and live life like it suppose to be but I thank god for the people that’s in my life raising me some me parents should have done but I know that im ready for this this will change my life forever I just want you to give till show you that am what you were looking for I pray that you pick me love maliyah I pray that you keep me in mind for a spot at winning this audition I take this very serious this is a life changing thing I need this so I can prove that I can make I it for those people that had doughts that I could never be anything this will make me and the people that care for me that I have what it takes to become something

    19. Hi,I am from South Africa and I am fighting for a chance to work with Mr Tyler Perry,getting this job would be an opportunity of a life time for someone like me.

    20. Let me start by saying. Ilove u god. Bless. Ya. Doings ..let. me say u.R. Crazy as. I. Don’t what but …I get ya message from every show…..u. change my life …..I just want share gift with u. Please allow me to sing for ya. i show ill workfor free …..please ..blessings

    21. Hello Tyler Perry, it will be an honor to be in your movie. I love acting so much, i like the idea of making a character come to life. I am a huge fan of your productions, and me being in one of them will be a real dream come true.

    22. Myname Lorenzo Wilson I’m 25 years old I’m from holly springs ms in want be a actor I would love to be on one of ur shows…………..

    23. hi mr.tyler perry i would love to meet you in person im getting so teary eyed as i write you this comment you dont even have to give me a chance just give me a little advice on not to give up because i am so tired but i am trying to keep on keeping on i love all you guys man of god…….

    24. Hi my name is Nina Crowell…im 33 years old im I have two disabled sons in wheelchairs I find it hard some times too deal with but through God him self Ifind a way to make it through.Im not looking for any symphony here just a chance to become some one and to provide for my kids. I love tylerperry and every thing he does he’s one of the best directors I’ve ever known any one who can put together a project and reflect on some ones life is very incrediable.I would die too get in front of The great Tyler Perry and show him what I can do.So please give me a chance to shine and make a difference in my kids precious live’s..

    25. hi, I’m Shakira 20 years old i wonder how can I audition for Madea movie i been watching Madea for a long time this would be a life time experience for me please get in contact with me a.s.p

    26. Well yet again he has done it again. He has not only made us laugh but help us in our daily lives because with me being only thirteen years old i understand that people sometimes still need help in understanding things so I am happy that Tyler perry gives us two in one because I always wanted to get the experience to be apart of one of his shows but its not all about that its about thinking about and caring about others.

    27. Im Tyree Gosha, I am 29 years old from Phenix City, Alabama and I’ve done some acting throughout out school. I would be honored to be apart of this and any Tyler Perry production for that matter. I love singing acting etc and feel as if I would be a great additional to this project and will do anything to do so. Somebody please follow up. I hate to beg but Im begging lol. Thank you

    28. I am so grateful for this opportunity and I am so ready to share my passion with the world I have been involved with the Performing Arts singing acting dancing in writing music for 15 years I started writing in the 6th grade and now I am 20 years old

    29. I am so excited to let you know I have always wanted to be a star since I was a little girl.I am looking forward to an audition for a movie or a play. I can’t sing but I csn act. This will be such a Blessing. I am also a 3yr Breast Cancer Survivor.please tell me what I can do to make my chances greater. I love Tyler Perry My God continue to Bless You and thankyou

    30. No story no speech this is me outgoing smart dramatic “Tiffany” I laugh a million times a day sining and music makes me smile I shoot for the stars just like you did and your a star now . When its my turn for my blessing the world will see a star of the LORD will shine in the movie world . Acting is me & I would love too show & tell

    31. Hi, I’m Tara Clowney 36 yrs old and I’m Interested in acting. I would like to say that I have training And been in school for acting. But I haven’t that’s not true. I actually was born to do this Just like yourself. I would just like one chance one shot. I just want to know that I tried. Tyler I love you your blessing to a whole lot of people and thank you for this opportunity.

    32. Hello! My name is Deondra Lewis I’m from Miami,Fl the best city (not up for debate) I’m a graduate of the great Bethune-Cookman Univerusty in Daytona Beach the best Hbcu of the land…I always dreamed of becoming an actress I took drama classes thru school growing up but somewhere along the way I lost those dreams I became a shadow of what other people wanted me to be until I got tired and realize its my life and I’m only who I think I’am…so my question to Tyler perry is “don’t you love Miami ? When will auditions be there I got what it takes don’t you believe your the best so let me be great !!!

    33. Im 16 years young.. I love Tyler Perry’s Movies . I Love to sing. People say I have an Amazing voice. My teachers say ill be a star one day and i sing for my beauty salon and school and i would love a chance to be in a movie ,play,etc. Please give me a chance. I live in chicago Illinois and I got to Harlan Academy Community HS .. I moved from MS ..but i would do anything.

    34. I want to know how to audition for Tyler Perry movie I’m 30 yrs old, I don’t look like my age I look very young. I really have a dream of acting.I audition for American idol in 2006.

    35. Hi I would like to adudition for tyler perry how would I go by doing that I live in tallahassee fl I’m 19 well finna be 20. Please give me more information thank you

    36. Like a dream come true! On top of Tyler Perry being totally AMAZING in everything he does, I have an astounding passion for acting. I enjoy entertaining others more than anything lol. I really hope to be on this cruise, I pray!! Good God be with me!

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