Palin’s PAC Asks About Bashir Action

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Crawford noted that MSNBC last Friday suspended Alec Baldwin for two weeks for an anti-gay remark made in a street confrontation, and fired Don Imus in 2007 for an offensive comment about members of the Rutgers women’s basketball team.

Crawford said he wondered whether discipline had more to do with the target of the remarks rather than the remarks themselves.

Meanwhile on Wednesday, Palin posted on Facebook her brother’s response to a tweet by singer Cher referring to Palin as a “dumb C word.” It’s not clear what set the singer off, although her tweet came on the same day of Bashir’s telecast.

Palin’s brother, Chuck Heath, said he was sorry to hear Cher make such “vile comments” about his sister.

“It’s sad because Sarah has never had a harsh word to say about you,” Heath wrote. “In fact, our grandmother was one of your biggest fans.”

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