Limbaugh Goes in on Oprah for Her Comments on Race & Obama

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  • When Oprah speaks people listen.

    And you can count on one of those listening being Rush Limbaugh.

    As we reported earlier today, when asked about racism affecting President Obama, Lady O told a BBC interviewer that: “there is a level of disrespect for the office that occurs. And that occurs in some cases and maybe even many cases because he is African-American.”

    She also gave the example of GOP Congressman Joe Wilson shouting “You lie!” at the president during a Congressional address.

    Like we said, Limbaugh was listening and like a hungry dog looking at a fresh piece of meat, he couldn’t resist. He had to go in on Oprah.

    “Then how the hell did you become who you were?” Limbaugh said. “Why hasn’t anyone in your audience ever said ‘You lie!’? Because you have.”

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    13 thoughts on “Limbaugh Goes in on Oprah for Her Comments on Race & Obama

    1. A White woman starts a cuddling business for money in Tennessee. She will caress you in what ever position you desire.”CUDDLING FOR CASH? What WHITE people will do For a dollar!

    2. uptil I saw the bank draft saying $9637, I didnt believe that my mom in-law had been truley bringing home money part-time on their computer.. there brothers friend started doing this 4 less than thirteen months and as of now repaid the debts on their cottage and got themselves a Ford Mustang. visit the site………

    3. I wish a competent and established journalist would do some research and report the findings of this study/research. Research the incidents where people (media, congressman, political pundits) made disrespectful statements of performed disrespectful acts against a President. Study the relationship between congress and the President when it comes to getting things done. Compare past Presidents to this current President to see (based on fact) if the actions against this President is typical or if its more than ever. We ALL know what the findings would be. This President has been more disrespected than any other President ever. Next question is why. White people will say its because of his policies. Their excuse covers up the fact that people don’t like him because he is black!! Oprah is just speaking the truth. Some people can’t handle the truth. Like to debate the truth for exposure or are in denial living in a fantasy world.

    4. “But Oprah, if black people in this country are so mistreated and so disrespected, how in the name of Sam Hill did you happen?… If there is a level of disrespect simply because he’s black then how, Oprah, have you managed to become the at-one-time most popular and certainly wealthiest television personality?”

      Because we live inside of a hypocracy that both of these sensationalists thrive in. They make each other sucessful. Stop pretending like Oprah is the Martin Luther King Jr. of money. She is exactly what she went to school to be. Living here in this here country is the opposite of what we as African Americans had been taught. Therefore to the surprise of us victims: whoooooo knewwwwwwww!!!!!!?

    5. President Barack Obama is a great President…. I did not know that dope addict was out of rehab.. limbeor or whatever his name is….

    6. Also, things for free. Whites feel so entitled, it’s amazing that you can call anyone lazy. If your lazy Azz ancestors would have been willing to raise their own children, work their own property and have sex with their own spouse, we wouldn’t be here. They brought us and made us take American names, it was their idea. If you want to have an attitude toward someone let it by your own lazy ancestors. You can’t bring people to the land of milk and hone and have them fetch it to you and they get none. Whites were dumb enough to think that could happen. Affirmative Action knocked a hole in your (entitlements) freebies. You get the job just because, you get the education just because and the list goes on. That’s what’s bothering you, you have had to get up off your freebies and deal with us about them.

    7. We are not immigrants, we are citizens of the United States. We are not begging, we are requesting what we deserve. You still react with a slave master or underlings attitude. Life this is not our country. You cannot compare us with immigrants. You wouldn’t give a black person a job if your life depended on it. Unfortunately we have to fight all of the discrimination before, after and now. You and your kind are just as much the problem as anyone black. There is discrimination in the workplace. You might start off by remembering that we are citizens by right in this country.

    8. The answer is simple. Whites have never minded us entertaining them, but they have no intention of us leading them. It’s very simple.

    9. Limbaugh, his a hater!!!!!. He will say anything to get media attention and/or keep media attention on him. People will do and say anything for a dollar

      • Marlene Gatewood-Allen U said it all! “who told white people that this world belonged to them” If they don’t know they will on judgment day that it’s GOD’s world we are just temporary and he is forever!

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