Oral Health Affects Total Health

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All Americans will benefit from the Affordable Care Act and are encouraged to enroll as quickly as possible. Millions will be able to access health care and preventive services, including over 5 million children who will be eligible for dental benefits. For adults who are diagnosed with diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, or who already have knee, hip or joint replacements; and for all of those who are scheduled for surgical procedures, a dental exam is mandatory. Physicians are now requiring a dental exam and dentist’s clearance prior to surgery as a standard of care.

Follow these basic steps to better dental health:
1. Brush your teeth and gums with a soft bristled tooth brush for 2 minutes twice a day
2. Floss once a day
3. Visit your dental provider at least every six months
4. Include dental care as necessary step to improving overall health and immune system
5. Visit www.ndaonline.org to locate a dentist near you.

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