UPDATE: White Man Who Slapped Black Baby To Plead Guilty

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  • Joe Rickey Hundley trial

    Federal prosecutors say a man accused of slapping a crying toddler on a plane will plead guilty.

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    An email from federal prosecutors did not say what charge Joe Rickey Hundley will plead guilty to during a Wednesday afternoon hearing. He faces a misdemeanor simple assault charge.

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    4 thoughts on “UPDATE: White Man Who Slapped Black Baby To Plead Guilty

      • You can sit there in your hole and make all of these racist comments, but let me tell you….you will give an account to the Heavenly Father for what you do, say and publish while in your physical body whether you believe it or not. Always remember, whatsover a man soweth, that shall he also reap. All I have seen you sow on this website is hate! Go away!

    1. Mom said he was crying. What was he really doing…..Skittles and iced tea? Ain’t never too early to be acting the thug.

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