EXCLUSIVE: An Irritated Johnny Gill Responds to Hotel Beating Story

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JG: “There’s a lot of things in life that can happen, but getting my ass beat by a white boy ain’t one, I can assure you” he adds, after Bailey asks for clarification.

EURweb: So this must be an old, white guy.

JG: Yeah, so can you imagine some old white motherf*cker whippin’ my ass? He got a better chance of Hitler comin’ back!”

Apparently, the case was filed in 2010, but was extended; and now comes up due to the Statute of Limitations.

Meanwhile, Johnny is happy to be back in the studio working on a solo project. He’s also on the road a lot, and will be recording a new album project with his LSG partner Keith Sweat and the late Gerald Levert‘s father, the legendary Eddie Levert, in the near future. Johnny’s publicist, Kita Williams, reminded him that he will also be performing at the upcoming 11th annual BB Jazz Festival in Huntington Beach, CA on September 8. For more info on that event, go here: www.bbjazz.com.

Listen to the FULL interview between Johnny Gill and EUR’s Lee Bailey below:

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