Twelve-Year-Old Girl Shot And Killed Inside Miami Home

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  • Tequila Forshee, 12, was gunned down Wednesday night when bullets pierced the windows of her grandmother’s Miami Gardens home, reports NBC Florida.

    At approximately 11:30, a gunman — or gunmen — opened fire on the home while Tequila was sitting on a couch getting her hair done.

    She was later pronounced dead at the scene.

    “We’ve got a lot of Trayvons out here,” said Glenn Forshee, Tequila’s dad said. “We’ve got a lot of black on black crime. We’ve got a lot of ignorant BS, and we ain’t standing for the BS.”

    “My oldest daughter got grazed in the arm with a bullet,” he said. “My kids watched (their) little sister die. (They’re) torn apart.”

    The  grandmother, Tawanda Frazier-Brown, was shot in the leg and released Thursday.

    Read more from NBC Florida:

    “I felt something in my leg, I thought I just got hit by glass or something,” Frazier-Brown said. She said she believes her son may have been the target of the gunman or gunmen.

    “This is gang-related, my niece was shot in the head,” aunt Cherina Forshee said. “If anybody knows anything, has seen anything, please give the police a call, the family is just going really crazy, and we appreciate your help and support.”

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