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Currently there are proposals being considered by the FCC that would make it more difficult for people to access the program and possibly even cap Lifeline funding. This would be deviating to millions of families who are currently benefiting from the program and block families and young people from being future users.

Family, I ask you to consider what it would be like without service in your home or the ability to have access to connect to others. I further encourage you to contact your congressperson to and ask them to look at Lifeline through the eyes of the people who depend on the program and push them to fight for the people LifeLine serves in an effort to save the program in its present form. You can always find your congressperson’s info at

We have so many problems, but this is one with a simple solution. Protect Lifeline. Lets help keep those in need connected to the ones they love.

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One thought on “Support Lifeline

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