Trayvon Martin’s Friend, Rachel Jeantel, Offered Full Ride Scholarship from Tom Joyner

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    Rachel Jeantel was thrust into the spotlight after she testified in the George Zimmerman trial detailing her friendship with her slain friend, Trayvon Martin.

    However, instead of people encouraging Jeantel and supporting the teen who will forever live with the burden of being the last person to talk to Martin before his death, the 19-year-old was berated for her speech, appearance, mannerisms and “lack of education.”

    Jeantel’s testimony and her recent appearance on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight”, greatly impacted radio legend Tom Joyner and since he first saw her on the stand, Joyner has been determined to help Jeantel.

    Tuesday morning on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, Joyner offered an olive branch to the embattled teen, offering her a possible full scholarship to any HBCU through the Tom Joyner Foundation.

    Joyner proclaimed, “Hi Rachel, this is Tom Joyner, I love you, I really do love you”, Jeantel, shyly giggles before responding, “I know.”

    But, Jeantel didn’t know how much she was loved because, Joyner was soon to dramatically change her life in a matter of minutes, saying, “If you want to graduate from high school, and go to an HBCU, even if it’s not in Florida but especially Florida, like Florida Memorial, Edward Waters or FAMU, if you want to do that, I want to help you do that.”

    Joyner did not only offer his assistance in college, he wants to help her get there, adding, “I will help you get tutors to get you out of high school, tutors to help you pass the SAT and I will give you a full ride scholarship to any HBCU you’d like.”

    Jeantel, who we later learned was in shock from the offer, simply responded “thank you.”

    Later in the interview, Jeantel hinted that she might pursue a career in law enforcement but she reminded Joyner and the crew she “doesn’t like bodies” or funerals.

    Whatever Jeantel decides to do, she has the support of the Tom Joyner Morning Show, co-host Sybil Wilkes expressed her support to Jeantel before ending the interview, saying, “and I got to tell you that people on social media, whether it’s Tom’s Facebook page, whether it’s Twitter or text, Tom, everybody is supporting you, Rachel, and really want you to know that they are wanting the best for you.”

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    115 thoughts on “Trayvon Martin’s Friend, Rachel Jeantel, Offered Full Ride Scholarship from Tom Joyner

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    2. We expect so little from our youth and Racheal has delivered in spades. TJ, follow Oprah’s lead, a true strong Black person, and give the scholorship to someone motivated and deserving.

    3. What a disgrace to give this to her! there are too many young people that would deserve this!
      Second, they might want her to start at 5th, maybe 6th grade first and make her earn a possible scholarship!

      • How right you are. TJ knows he will never have to pay up on this. Pure publicity stunt, otherwise he would have offered it to someone more deserving. Tell me exactly what she has done to deserve this? She should be tried for perjury.

    4. Thank you Tom…you have a right to do whatever you want with your money and investing in a young person’s life after such a traumatic experience is one way to help. My hope if you haven’t already done so, and just not announced it publicly, offer Trayvon’s brother a scholarship…love what you do. I hope the scholarships are to Howard University and would eventually lead them to Howard Law School.

      • hey Dr., if you really are, you must be REV AL in disguise. this is just to get some sort of self gratification by this Tom character. What about the 13 year-old white boy who is beat senseless by 3 black thugs with the poor frail bus driver watching, if not laughing? broken arm, broken nose, fractured ribs, black eyes! THIS WAS A PURE HATE CRIME CAUGHT ON CAMERA. Poor old Jental, “living with the burden of being the last one to speak with him”? good old drug using-pot smoking, gold teeth, pistol in hand, beating a homeless man! ya old try was a real innocent poor little deffensless, 6 ft 2, 175 lb. little boy! how sad!

    5. you people try to act intelligent but in reality you all are nothing but common trouble making dependants that want nothing less than a free ride.

    6. These right wing idiots need to be put in their place! Call Red Eye Radio between 1am-5am Eastern Time at 1-866-907-3339 and tell them you stand with Trayvon Martin! You can listen to them live on their website at We can do this folks!

    7. You have got to be kidding me…just because she’s fucking black….i bet if the tables were turned it would be different. This whole thing is pathetic!

    8. I think you could send her to 5 colleges all paid for but you will never be able to take the ghetto out of her, that’s just her and she will never change.

    9. one thing for sure people who celebrated zimmermans not guilty murder charges are pissed because jantel will get a better education and in the future she might be a testing witness or to make worse for the whites be on the jury box… now that is even scarier , a black female with knowledge !

      • That’s about the dumbest “equation” on this matter I’ve read since the verdict came down… Please don’t pursue anything (studies) in the field of LAW, Luis… :O

    10. It’s his money, I guess, so he can do what he wants, but really WHY? She got all that attention for being TOO “ghetto” when she appeared in court. I don’t see (the VERY articulate) Trayvon’s brother getting a “full ride scholarship”… Ah, the culture of PITY…

      • I guess it’s too “right” to just be happy for her, huh? Damn! Not even YOUR money and you got something to say! Get a life!

        • It “ain’t” yours either! Is that all you got (“get a life”) to refute my VERY solid argument, Ms.? How ’bout a scholarship for Trayvon’s BROTHER instead (OR in addition to this one), huh? That would make Trayvon “live on” a little more, now wouldn’t it? :/

      • It’s his money and he can do as he pleases. Thanks Tom for helping her. I think she deserve all the help you are giving her.

        • She might “need” all the help Joyner is offering, but I doubt that she “deserves” that help. It is two different things. What exactly has she done to deserve it? Apparently from what we know, she hasn’t done well in high school, needing tutors in order to possibly graduate, let alone the assistance she will need to pass the SAT. From the trial, we know she talks at a grade school level and cannot comprehend even basic questions and lines of reasoning…

          So tell me why you think she deserves the help? What has she done during her life so that she deserves help?

      • I am so glad that I am not the only one thinking like this. I agree with you totally! This is a 19-year-old woman who hasn’t prepared herself for college. “I don’t read cursive.” I am not a Tom Joyner supporter and I have not been for several years based on things like this. Help those that are helping themselves. How about establishing a scholarship in Travyon’s name for young black men who want to go to law school or get a PhD so they can change the system and be able to public defenders to fight the good fight? How about establishing another organization for black boys to attend college in Florida, so that they can become professors and role models for the kids in the Trayyon’s neighborhood. This young lady does not look (well dressed, well fed, and weaved up) like she can’t afford a tutor or to take her schooling seriously. Yes, it is his money and he can do whatever he wants with it, but once he publicly announces something like this, it causes attention to his character and to the character of all African-Americans.

        • Watch yo’ mouth, Kilrkay, or you’ll get dubbed as being « jealous » or « mean-spirited » or be told to « get a life »! Those types here (maybe the very ones who actually thought and believed, back in ’09, that Obama would be paying their rent if elected president!) now come out of the woodworks and refuse to hear ANYONE who’s not « down » with THEIR « cause ». You know what I’m « down » with? Investing on those among US (yes, I’m black too!) who actually have PO-TEN-TIAL. Just by the way their respective ENGLISH sounds, I would certainly roll the dice on Trayvon’s brother (the « forgotten » man in all this, if you ask me…), for one, over this girl whom the AVERAGE North-American can’t even understand when she speaks! :O

          As specifically for « Leon » here, there’s also a place for you, my « brutha » : on the frontline of the next pity-demonstration with those (now-sooooo-irrelevant) Jackson and Sharpton types, singing/lamenting « We shall overcome ». Yeah, I’m sure you’re quite the « needle-mover ». And as for « helping the homeless », you « help » a TRULY hungry man more when you hand him a fishing rod rather than the fish itself, know what I’m sayin’?

          Lastly on Tom Joyner, whom I didn’t even know prior to his appearance last night on that Brit redcoat Piers Morgan show (CNN), I didn’t find him credible at all and he really didn’t impress me. What was that he said? That radio guy Rush Limbaugh (like him OR not) doesn’t have a « license » to use the so-called word « nigga »? But, of course, Joyner has no problem with his scholarship-project girl using « crackers » in reference to whites… Who actually issues such « licenses » anyway? Probably someone « down » with the gangsta rappers who use it at will…

          Believe me or not, I wish Rachel well. With her newfound fame and this absolute gift from heaven (the scholarship), I just hope that (but I must say that I’m not highly confident) she will « move the needle » in a constructive way and SIGNIFICANTLY keep Trayvon as « alive » as a dead person could be…:/

      • Sounds like someone is JEALOUS and Mean Hearted, you would probably begrudge a person helping the homeless. There is a special place for people like you. I do hope your eyesight improves and you look at yourself and see what you are.(sly1128) You really need to dig yourself.

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