Little Known Black Music History Fact: Beat Street

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“Beat Street” and its predecessor, “Wild Style,” were the two films that introduced the art of rap and the hip-hop lifestyle to foreign countries like Germany. However, some used the film as an example of chaotic conditions in a capitalist society. The film is based on the life of real New York-based graffiti artists and rappers. One of the main characters, “Spit,” is based on the life of graffiti artist CAP MPC, whose story was captured in a 1984 documentary called “Style Wars.”

While the movie featured the music and breakin’ lifestyles of New York’s finest rappers, street dancers and graffiti artists, the artwork in “Beat Street” was done predominately by professional set decorators.

“Beat Street” opened at the box office on June 8, 1984 and closed its opening weekend with $5.2 million. Overall the film has grossed $16.6 million. “Beat Street” opened the door for the popularity of films in the rap genre like “Breakin” (1984), “Krush Groove” (1985), “House Party” (1990) and many others featuring contemporary rappers.

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4 thoughts on “Little Known Black Music History Fact: Beat Street

  1. Generally I would not study article upon websites, but I need to express that this specific write-up incredibly compelled us to check out and do so! Your own writing flavour have been shocked everyone. Thanks a lot, rather terrific posting.

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  3. Beat Street is one of my all time favorite movies. Good job on the article. the younger generation (which i am apart of) needs to know about the real hip hop and its origin.

  4. I got to give it to Eric Taylor [ET]: This article under the title “Little Known Black Music History Fact” is an epic article loaded with vital historical info in the proper perspective.

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