Finally, Kenya Moore is responding directly to her eviction suit issues.

Kenya claims her landlady, for whatever reason, is just plain lying on her.

The landlady, Conya Weems-Dillon, is taking Kenya to court because she allegedly came up $848 short on the May rent which is $3,999. She also says the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star broke several terms of the lease agreement.

Now Kenya is firing back with her own lawsuit that claims Weems-Dillon is making stuff up and is trying to intimidate her into vacating the 6-bedrooom house (pictured below).

In her lawsuitsuit, obtained by TMZ, Kenya claims her rent is paid in full for May and even June. She also says Weems-Dillon constantly enters the house without notice.

She also alleges the landlady made up the conflict over the lease in order to sell a story to the media and the eviction is just Weems-Dillon’s latest attempt to damage her rep.

Moore is countersuing for wrongful eviction, slander and emotional distress. And get this. She claims she’s been “shunned” by friends since the eviction story broke.


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