Garcelle Beauvais On Jamie Foxx: ‘He’s Awesome, I Am So In Love With That Man.’

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GB: It was like time hadn’t passed. It was really fantastic! He’s awesome. I am so in love with that man. We just had a good time; it was like time stood still. It’s like we had been back. He was cracking jokes, we were laughing, you know, just being silly. It was great. And Channing Tatum, come on now, I would have done it for free.

HB: Now, if you could play matchmaker for Jamie Foxx, since he’s a single bachelor, which celebrity would you have him dating? Or would you keep him for yourself?

GB: No, no, we’re brother and sister. I’d have to think about that. Well, Halle is taken now! But I know they’re fond of each other. Maybe Oprah, if Stedman wasn’t in the picture! Her and Jamie have amazing chemistry!

HB: Now, light skin vs. dark skin. What’s the big deal? Why do you think we put so much pressure on being one or the other?

GB: You know, I think, it culturally started out that way. I mean, even my grandmother, back in the day, you could tell the difference if someone was lighter they would sort of treated you better. I think it’s just silly.

HB: Do you find that being a fair skinned actress in Hollywood may have gotten a little further than a darker skinned actress? Do you think that had any impact on your success?

GB: I think probably in the beginning, yes. But I think now, you know, we have beautiful chocolate, brown women that are getting big roles. So, I think it’s changed. Thank God.

HB: Now, back to being a mommy. What would you say is your biggest mommy secret? How do you deal with these two young five-year olds?

GB: Alcohol… just kidding! Patience. It really takes a lot of patience, and like, sort of picking your battles, you know? And just picking out what are you going to worry about? Manners are really important to me. You know, addressing people and looking them in the eye. I’m raising them, and I want them to be able to listen to me, and it’s important just have manners.

HB: So, what is next for you?

GB: What is next for me?! Another book coming out, similar to divorce issues. And producing movies. I have another film that I wrapped called, “And Then There Was You,” that I starred in with Leon, Brian White and Lynn Whitfield.

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