Chris Lighty’s Mother Pens Open Letter Asking For A New Investigation In Son’s Death

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  • Chris Lighty's Mom Pens Open Letter

    When news reports surfaced saying hip-hop manager Chris Lighty died, the whole hip-hop community was saddened. In the midst of everyone’s grief, there were people who questioned police when they said Lighty committed suicide. Nearly a year after his untimely death, Lighty’s mother, Jessica Brooks, has written an open letter asking for the investigation to be reopened. In a letter sent exclusively to, Brooks wrote:

    JESSICA BROOKS, Darrell “Chris” Lighty’s mother states: 

    Since my son’s death last August, my family and I have been searching for answers to what really happened to my son and to date, none of the explanations given make sense.

    Our investigation has been stalled. Dr. Baden who was retained to do an independent autopsy has been unable to complete his task due to the lack of cooperation from the Medical Examiner’s office.

    He was brought in to help determine if Darrell’s death was homicide or suicide. It is almost a year later and we still don’t have the answer.

    Today, I am begging, Mr. Johnson, the Bronx District Attorney,to make my son’s death a priority and work with our investigator to really look into the facts and circumstances leading up to his untimely death. We have uncovered real information that needs to be followed up on by those in authority.

    I am attaching a link to an online petition that we will forward to the DA’s office asking them to start a formal investigation. I am asking everyone interested in justice to please sign it.

    Thank you.

    The link is:

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