Chris Tucker Among the Big Names Up for Flip Wilson Biopic

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    In the 70’s, Flip Wilson was the hottest Black comedian on TV with “The Flip Wilson Show.” His show featured the hot Black talents of the era, everyone from Lena Horne to the Jackson 5 who often paired up to perform with the white stars of the day. That and his famous characters Geraldine and Reverend Leroy were the inspiration for comics to come like Martin and Dave Chappelle.

    His son, Kevin Wilson and a co-author, Kevin Cook have joined forces on a new bio “FLIP: The Inside Story of TV’s First Black Superstar” which is out today. His son, Kevin, says that his father was TV’s first groundbreaking comic. He even made the cover of “Time Magazine” as America’s first black superstar.

    “Before [The Flip Wilson Show] in the 1970’s, Black television hosts were non-existent,” Wilson told the Tom Joyner Morning Show. “Richard Pryor was one of the writers on the show. Louis Armstrong was on the show and on the very first show he had James Brown. He was the first Black television host to own his own show in history. He was the first Black male to dress up as a woman and make that character famous throughout the world.”

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    8 thoughts on “Chris Tucker Among the Big Names Up for Flip Wilson Biopic

    1. Dule Hill should play Flip Wilson. On Psych, he shows the same mischievous childlike quality that Flip had. Also, Dule is a dancer and Flip was a very physically graceful comedian.

    2. I went to High School with Kevin & David, Flip Wilson’s 2 son’s I loss contact with Kevin and would love to reconnect with him, R.I.P. David SM Viking for life……

    3. Tracy Morgan is the NUMBER ONE WINNER. For the last 3 years I have wanted to send a message to TV one asking how can the message get out to Tracy Morgan to play Flip Wilson. TV One played a the famous show for about 3 saturdays back in 2011 or late 2010. I absolutely enjoyed it. Please pass on the word that Tracy Morgan has the timing and the facial expressions and all. I could not believe it when I heard this on TMJS. I was shouting Tracy, Tracy and when Flip son said Tracy Morgan’s name I said yes! yes! yes! yes! A lot of people we know has mentioned this. This one is for Tracy. He could play the hell out of Geraldine! Happy Happy Happy!

      • We also think a strong contender includes: MARTIN LAWRENCE.

        Please let the best man WIN!!!!

        We look forward to a great masterpiece– and then– break the mold.

      • I love the idea of a Flip Wilson biopic. My choice to play him is Wayne Brady who is wildly talented, has the humor, timing and panache to pull it off.

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