Rape Survivors Want Reebok To Kick Rick Ross To The Curb

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  • Rick Ross’ rape lyrics in “U.E.O.N.O” have been the topic of discussion for weeks and everyone has spoke out against the Miami rapper, even fellow lyricist, Talib Kweli.

    Put Molly all in the champagne. She ain’t even know it. I took her home and I enjoy that. She ain’t even know it.

    However, the women’s rights group, UltraViolet hasn’t taken these lyrics sitting down. They’re determined to get Reebok to kick Rick Ross to the curb. In case “U.E.O.N.O.,” Ross and Reebok teamed up with an endorsement deal and UltraViolet says:

    “His lyrics aren’t vague, he’s not hinting that he raped a woman–he’s clearly and proudly saying that he drugged and raped a woman who was not capable of consent.

    By holding Rick Ross up as something to aspire to, Reebok is sending the message that raping a woman is cool–and that’s a dangerous message to send the boys and young men that Reebok markets to. This is what rape culture is.

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