South Africa: Mandela in Hospital on Easter

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  • JOHANNESBURG (AP) — Former South African President Nelson Mandela remained in a hospital on Easter Sunday while receiving treatment for a recurrence of pneumonia, the government said.

    South African presidential spokesman Mac Maharaj said there are no updates on 94-year-old Mandela since an official statement Saturday on his condition. That statement reported the anti-apartheid leader was breathing without difficulty after having a procedure to clear fluid in his lung area.

    Many South African congregations celebrating Easter included Mandela in their prayers.

    “The whole world must come together and pray for him,” Zacheus Phakathi, a security guard, said at an outdoor service on a hill overlooking Johannesburg.

    In Pretoria, the capital, Henry Hyar, a restaurant waiter, standing by a hospital where Mandela is believed to be, said it was unfortunate that Mandela could not be with his family at home during Easter.

    “I’m not happy about it,” Hyar said. “We’re praying for him to get better as soon as possible.”

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    2 thoughts on “South Africa: Mandela in Hospital on Easter

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