Love. Infidelity. Betrayal. Temptation

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During the press conference, the subject of Tyler Perry’s physical presence in the film was up for discussion. Perry often appears as himself in his more dramatic films, or as the loud-mouthed, gun-toting granny, Madea, in his comedy movies.

“The moment I sit down to write the characters, I see them. And if I don’t see myself as any of them, I’m not in it.”  – Tyler Perry

Though Perry doesn’t appear in this film like the others, the common denominator is the same: there is a lesson to be learned. Simply put by Perry, “[this film is about] making the right choices” says Perry.

In Sickness and in Health

Brandy Norwood stars as Melinda, a young woman with a secret. Norwood was honest and believable through her role. She tapped from her own troubled past to bring the character of Melinda alive for the film. In 2006, Norwood was involved in a car accident that caused a fatality. In past interviews, the singer/actress explained her experience as life-changing. Norwood is now engaged to be married and is planning a wedding with fiancé’ Ryan Press, who was present at the press conference. Press received an eyeful from Brandy during Tyler Perry’s references to infidelity. Ok Ryan, Brandy’s got you on notice.

For Richer or Poorer

In her first full-on scripted acting debut with the Perry empire, reality TV star Kim Kardashian makes several appearances in Temptation. Kim stars as Ava, the pretentious, label-whoring co-worker that hounds Judith about her mammie-ish wardrobe and pitiful choice of footwear. Once Judith gives in to Ava’s urging, it’s the beginning of the end for the nice girl. Kardashian, is well, a Kardashian. Shouts-out to Kim for jumping off the reality screen and trying something new. Her appearance was prior KK-2.0 so she’s every bit the curvaceous, hot body that’s been photographed over a million times.

Lawfully Wedded Wife

Jurnee-Smollett-Bell was an excellent choice for the role of Judith. The actress who has ‘grown up at the movies’ was able to portray herself as a young teenager in love who transitions to a grown woman with big girl problems at a steady pace. Her naivety as a country hometown girl who knew nothing but her husband before she hit the big city was on point. As we watched her character transition to a lost soul looking for love in all the wrong faces, Smollett-Bell carefully revealed the likeness of real mistaken women who struggle with their own identities and needs everyday. She told a very real story in a very real way, “It was a real challenge to go there emotionally,” says Smollett-Bell.

‘Temptation’ will carry the viewer through a story of infidelity that leads to drug use, sexual deviance, heartache and pain, which ultimately results in a very real and likely consequence in this day and age. Perry uncovers the truth of many broken marriages today and the salvation that lies with redemption and forgiveness. But perhaps not in the way you may imagine.

“God has blessed me to represent hope for people.” -Tyler Perry

‘Temptation’ starts in theaters Friday, March 29, 2013.

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