Life Lessons from the NBA

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Lesson 4. Michael Jordon showed us that legacy is king. He has not played an NBA Game or had major presence at an All-Star Weekend in over a decade. But on his 50th birthday weekend he had the biggest brand of the event. The lesson? Your Legacy will always speak louder than your voice. To those who produce…keep pushing. Your contribution will inspire generations to come.

AND Finally

Lesson 5. Beyoncé showed us that no matter how talented you are nothing trumps work ethic. While for the second time in a month she proved she was bigger than a sporting event launching a HBO special and an Oprah interview on a weekend that would send lesser brands running for cover. She knew that being an NBA All-Star is not about the National Basketball League, but the NBA stands for Never Back Away from a challenge. And Tom there are some TJMS listeners who have never sold out a show, and wont ever meet Oprah, but the work they put in when nobody is watching will open doors that others say are impossible.

So to every NBA All-Star We salute you. Cause you don’t have to ball to be brilliant. I’m Jeff Johnson and That’s My Truth.

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