Latino Gang Members Arrested For Alleged Hate Crimes Against Black Family

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The group reportedly continued to drive by the house daily, yelling slurs at the family until they eventually moved out, even though they had just moved to the residence on New Year’s. And according to Lt. Richard Westin, the gang is known for their racist hate crimes, “This gang has always made it clear they have a racial hatred for Black people. They repeatedly used racial epithets, they use racial hatred graffiti and they tag up the black church a lot.”

Sheriff Capt. Mike Parker added that the victims are your “typical American family” and that the incident is “unsettling at the very least.”

Since the alleged incident, Marquez and Aguilar have been charged with a hate crime committed for the purpose of violation of civil rights with ability to commit violent injury on another.



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8 thoughts on “Latino Gang Members Arrested For Alleged Hate Crimes Against Black Family

  1. I am all for illegal immigration. Everyone is so afraid to say it and tries to compare there trials to slavery but they chose to come here instead of building a success life in their own country..
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  2. The black vote is still important in the southeast. That’s the only reason VA & FL remained blue in the 2012 presidential election after turning blue in ’08 (along with NC).

    Gangs are a problem in poor communities. Having too many kids and not enough money to support them are the main problems. So they participate in drug dealing and other unlawful activities to make money. If daddy is doing his job at home raising/loving his kids, gang membership would not go away but the numbers would decline. If you don’t teach ‘em right from wrong, the streets will…

  3. What I find disturbing is that most of these POS gang members are probably in this country ILLEGALLY! The nerve of someone, illegally here, telling someone else that they do not belong in a particular neighborhood. Round up the punks and DEPORT them all. Let’s stop playing games with these FOOLS and send a strong and permanent message to others who may attempt the same actions.

    • Nice try, illegals can’t vote, the hispanics and other simuliar groups are citizens, so get off the Republicans talking points. We could say the same thing about black folks who commit more crimes on each other than any other ethnic group. Criminals should be treated like criminals regaurdless of their color.

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