Charlie Wilson has always known how to make great music. From his days in The Gap Band with hits like “You Dropped the Bomb On Me” and “Outstanding” to working with contemporary hit makers like Jamie Foxx, Fantasia, R. Kelly and Kanye West, to three gold and platinum albums in the last decade, Wilson has a proven track record. The just-turned-60-years-young performer has also apparently located the fountain of youth, despite prostate cancer and years of drug and alcohol abuse.

His latest release “Love Charlie,” released on January 29, Wilson’s actual birthday, follows the lead of his last CDs – it’s an ode to lasting love with most of the songs written with his wife of 18 years, Mahin Wilson. He credits her with helping him overcome the substance abuse problems that threatened to derail his career after The Gap Band.

Of this lastest CD, Wilson who is also known for his great live performances, he told, “Every song is about a woman. The love for women. It was like a letter and after I finished recording every song all I could say is ‘Love, Charlie’ I gave you all I had.”


1. If I Believe
2. I Still Have You
3. I think I’m In Love
4. My Love Is All I Have
5. Our Anniversary
6. Turn Off The Lights
7. A Million Ways To Love You
8. Show You
9. My Baby
10. Oooh Wee
11. Say
12. Whisper

Listen to the entire CD here.

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