Ex-Youth Football Coach Infects Player’s Mom With HIV; Gets 15 Years

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  • Jimmy Bernard Billingsley dallas

    A Texas judge sentenced a 42-year-old ex-youth football coach to 15 years in prison after knowingly infecting a woman with HIV, the Dallas Morning News reports.

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    Jimmy Bernard Billingsley pleaded guilty to aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury. Billingsley admitted that he’s known since 2008 that he was HIV-positive. But he still had unprotected sex with the mother of a youth football player he dated in 2009. That woman learned she contracted HIV after feeling ill and taking a blood test soon after, according to  KVUE-TV.

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    The woman, who wants to remain anonymous, called local police after getting the test results because she suspected that Billingsley purposefully infected her after insisting that they have unprotected sex. “He would say, ‘You’ll be okay. I won’t get you pregnant. I don’t have anything. You don’t have anything to worry about,’” she said.

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    8 thoughts on “Ex-Youth Football Coach Infects Player’s Mom With HIV; Gets 15 Years

    1. I’m confused,isn’t some of this HER fault she should care more for herself and should have insisted on a condom or NO SEX, then you want to blame him totally! Yes, he’s at fault for not disclosing but she’s at fault also for not being smart enough to say NO! Protect yourself, he got 15 years, this is why people don’t disclose, because they end up in jail. We’ve got to get smarter about our bodies, don’t let ANYONE dictate what you should do with your body.

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    3. I agree with Debbie, and Blackchild you need to listen when he said he didn’t have nothing I would have said ok but I still don’t want nothing so if you don’t cove up you will not get none ot this. Wake Up Women.

    4. It is 2013, why are people stillhaving unprotected sex??? I don’t care who you are with, HIV/AIDS hit hard in the black community in the 1990′s, I wouldn’t dare!!!

    5. My question is…if the man was begging you to not use a condom, why would you go ahead and have unprotected sex??? That alone should have been a red flag. Why do so many women ignore these particular signs????

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