A Florida girl’s actions may have landed her on Santa’s naughty list.

Residents of a Clement neighborhood noticed that several of their holiday packages didn’t seem to arrive or weren’t making it inside their homes.  They later discovered that an eight-year-old was single-handedly stealing Christmas packages from their doorsteps.

Neighbors even caught the girl on tape as she stole a planted package from a home on her way home from school.

After watching the surveillance video, several neighbors can’t believe the culprit was a little girl.

“Complete and utter shock it wasn’t a teenage boy; it wasn’t a passer-by. It was an eight-year-old child. One year younger than my daughter,” said Clement resident Thalia Araujo.

Several of the packages included Barbie dolls, children’s makeup and children’s cell phones.

Police plan to report the information to juvenile authorities.

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