Jovan Belcher was with Another Woman Before Killing

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  • Days after his murder-suicide, new details are emerging about what happened before Jovan Belcher turned the gun on his girlfriend, and then himself.

    According to reports, Belcher went out for dinner and drinks with another woman named Brittni Glass on Friday night and spent the night with her as well.

    Neighbors say that Belcher slept in his Bentley for a couple of hours outside of Glass’ home before police woke him up about 2:30 a.m., that is when Belcher reportedly went inside Glass’ apartment leaving approximately four hours later.

    Glass told the New York Post, “I was with him that night, that’s it,” but that’s all the details she would give the newspaper.

    After leaving Glass’ home, police say he drove to the apartment he shared with girlfriend Kasandra Perkins, fought with her, before he then shot and killed her.

    Belcher shot Perkins nine times as his mom watched. Her body was found on a bathroom floor.

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    9 thoughts on “Jovan Belcher was with Another Woman Before Killing

    1. The chiefs linebacker was a coward what ever the reason why he slaughtered that woman, the mother of his child , she didnt deserve to die. Suicide thats another issue he had problems if you really going to believe hat GOD will reward you for taking your own life you can forget it … Damn coward I would never pay any condolences to a murdering woman killer

    2. I know nothing about this man, but he had all the signs of a jealous, controlling and cheating man (person) who didn’t trust their mate. The old folks used to say, “A jealous man cannot work.” When he played football, he would probably imagine all sorts of things about the Mother of his child. This woman’s life was a living hell. He cheated; therefore, he thought she was cheating.

    3. Jovan Belcher shared a house with girlfriend Kasandra Perkins, not an apartment. There are so many story out there. Because here in KANSAS CITY, they are saying he got into an arguement with him because she wanted to go to Trey Songz concert at the Midland and he told her she couldn’t go.

    4. that really sad, i hope that the players and owners come together for the little girl who will never know who her parents really were. it was a personal problem, but now we can only pray for both of the families.

    5. Parents, if your children have issues as a child, have them see a Therapist!!!! This boy had issues all along and it took this girl and baby to really bring it out….

    6. I would not say that this article is ‘justifying’ why he shot her I just believe that it is giving an explanation as to where the snap decision to shot may have come from. If he was stepping out on the relationship and was confronted and then an argument follows, well now you have this heated exchange and no one is thinking clearly. But you are right Kevin when the spirit is weak the body and mind does not have a chance.

    7. The article is trying to ‘justify’ his shooting her and then himself! I’m just sayiing that despite his personal achievements and financial success, that he still had issues because, perhaps, his spiritual developement was lacking nourishment.
      And when the spirit is weaken,,,,,,the body and mind is sure to snap!

    8. The article said Belcher went to dinner with Glass, slept outside her home in his car a couple hours till police woke him up, went in her home and spent the night, then left and went to the apartment he shared with Kasandra (the woman he killed).

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