ANALYSIS: Hotels’ Dismal Hiring of Blacks

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African Americans comprise the largest percentage of travelers of color in the United States, according to the NAACP report, and while the hotel industry is largely staffed by workers of color, African Americans are not receiving equitable treatment.

“They overpopulate entry-level and lower-wage positions while being underrepresented in higher-level, more lucrative positions, such as that of general manager,” the NAACP report says.

“With economic inequality at its highest levels in recent decades, it is important that the hotel and lodging industry provide access to jobs with livable wages, long-term career possibilities and contract opportunities for minority owned businesses particularly in African American and other economically disenfranchised communities,” said Dedrick Muhammad, NAACP Senior Director of Economic Programs.

The study also recommends improving access to programs, opportunities and career paths in the hotel industry for people of color. Several organizations, like the National Society of Minorities in Hospitality and the National Association of Black Hotel Owners, are already advancing some of these initiatives, according to the NAACP.

“The report card should serve as both an eye opener and a tool to encourage the graded corporations to strengthen job creation and wealth building opportunities for disenfranchised minorities,” said Leonard James, National NAACP Board Member and Chair of the Economic Development Committee.  “The NAACP looks forward to collaborating with these corporate leaders and diversity advocates over the next several years to advance industry inclusion, at all levels.”

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8 thoughts on “ANALYSIS: Hotels’ Dismal Hiring of Blacks

  1. That’s fine by me they can clean up their own mess & make up their own just provide me with the “Best Service” when I sleepover..or else it’s gonna be a problem.

  2. Cooking and cleaning can be entry-level positions, Carl T. is right the mindset exists that these are the only things blacks are capable of doing. I believe that blacks can also manage the hotels and motels, not just change linen and towels or park the cars. I remember the challenge Tony Brown issued to black organizations. They did themselves and their people a disservice by not taking him up on it.

  3. This hotel thang reminders that years ago of Tony Brown. Years ago, Tony mentioned that Black organizations spend a lot of money having there conferences, meetings, get togethers, etc at these hotels, Tony issued a challenge to Black organizations to not go to conferences for a year and use the money to invest in a hotel or something like that.

  4. I live in South Carolina, tourism is big business here from Charleston, to Hilton Head and of course Myrtle Beach. Many African Americans visit here, bring their family reunions here, and even the CBCI meets here, however the good ole boy system that still exist here believes that blacks can only cook and clean. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with those positions however you will find very few minorities in the guest services department and even fewer in the sales department and even less in in upper management . This report does not surprise me at all, and honestly it maybe even worse then the numbers say. It’s time we need to start spending our money with people who not only want our bread but who also want us in their boardroom.

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  6. This does not surprise me either….it is not only the hotels, it is a lot of organizations within the United States….I think it is awful that people can not hire you because of the color of your skin….I also think it is awful that we can’t even get a supervisor position let alone upscale management….Shit we can’t even get decent pay!!! I want someone to look into pay scales….I have 2 jobs and still can’t seem to make over $45,000.00 per year…..It is really beginning to piss me off….

  7. True dat on your post kecia j!!!! The NAACP is busy “begging” to get things and always helping “minorities” and “people of color.” Unfortunately, that’s what the NAACP does and I don’t pay them no mind,

  8. this doesn’t surprise me. I travel tremendously for my business and the hotels named only hire “some” minorities in metro areas ie Atlanta, New York, Miami. Otherwise, to see people “who are darker than blue” as the old Curtis Mayfield song stated, you have to stay at budget hotels, and those are now owned and operated by and large by Middle Eastern families and they don’t hire us either. We have to get our capital together folks and start our own businesses. I started mine on a shoe string and I make my bills, eat, drive and employ a few folks. There are barriers, yes! But once upon a time we had to have all of our “own” because “they” didn’t need us until they found out how much bread we were making. A funny movie that talks about this is “Harlem Nights” check it.

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