COMMENTARY: Good Governance Equals Good Politics

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Perhaps. In a razor-thin close election, where perception is everything, Obama’s crisis leadership in the past few days could be a game changer.

The latest WSJ/NBC/Marist poll shows Obama holds the lead in three swing states — Iowa, New Hampshire and Wisconsin. And polls including Quinnipiac University, the New York Times and CBS News, show Obama up by five points in Ohio and list Florida as a toss-up state.

Brandon Davis, the National Political Director for the Service Employees International Union, (SEIU) is encouraging black Americans to vote with a sense of urgency.

“When the African American community votes, it has the power to determine not just who is in office but also the direction of our nation’s policy priorities,” Davis said. “That’s why we have to show up at the polls on Nov. 6.”

Davis works directly with SEIU leadership, staff and the organization’s 2.1 million members who work as janitors, nurses, security officers, and many more, to expand the organization’s political grassroots engagement in legislative and electoral campaigns.

Most recently, Davis joined canvassing efforts in Pennsylvania, Florida and Virginia to talk to voters about the issues that matter most in their communities and how they can make a difference now and through Nov. 6.

“Four more years for President Obama will look vastly different than a Mitt Romney presidency,” Davis said. “The choice African Americans and all working people face is between a president who will continue to back policies that build the middle class by broadening access to health care, education, good jobs and widespread opportunity, or a candidate who has said he’s not concerned about the poor or 47 percent.”

Meanwhile, early voting in Florida appears to be going well. Thousands of African Americans are standing in long lines to vote.

Bishop Victor Curry, pastor of New Birth Cathedral of Faith International in Opa-locka, Florida, told the South Florida Times that Obama will protect the rights of people of color.

“Last time it was about making history,” Curry said when blacks turned out in record numbers in the 2008 election. “This time it’s personal.”

Curry is not alone.

I believe this election is personal for many African Americans who are hoping – and praying – for a better quality of life if Obama returns to the White House for another four years.

While Romney looked stiff and insincere as he passed out supplies to survivors of Hurricane Sandy inside a crowded warehouse, he was still shamelessly stumping for votes.

And with Romney playing politics, Obama worked the phones from the Oval Office instructing his administrators to release millions of dollars in federal aid that will bring quick relief to countless Americans in need.

It’s sound leadership by the president, which also happens to be good politics.

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