Food That Improves Your Sex-Life

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Processed baked goods-If a product is tagged with a “No Trans-Fat” sticker the ingredients used in the baking process can still create it.

Soy-based foods-They are high in estrogen, which can negatively impact a man’s sex drive and increase the risk of disease and testosterone in women.

The Clements also believe factors such as air pollution, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and heavy metals can weaken sexual performance in men and women. In some instances, it causes people to rely on medicinal aids such as Viagra, which can over stimulate the libido and impact sexual performance in later years.

So what can you eat?

Researchers recommend indulging in foods that will increase your energy and circulation. Foods high in omega-3 fatty acids such as wild salmon and mackerel can improve circulation, which aids erectile dysfunction in men and vaginal stimulation.

Don’t forget about your fruits and vegetables!

Scientists say that carrots are a libido enhancer and green veggies help clean and open blood capillaries. Weight-loss foods are also recommended since obesity can lead to a risk of erectile dysfunction.

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