GOP Convention Speeches Seek to Rally the Base

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  • The guest of honor has made it to his own party and conventioneers are preparing for what some Republicans hope will be invigorating speeches, laying out the case for Mitt Romney to become the 45th President of the United States of America.

    Republicans are hopeful they can now gain some political momentum even as Isaac threatens the Gulf Coast region, seven years after Hurricane Katrina.  

    Pivotal for the convention are the speeches that are expected to rally the cause of the GOP. There is anticipation for keynote speech topics.

    Critics have long since compared politics to football as they both have a lot of armchair quarterbacks. In this case, there are many who are expressing what they want to hear out of the convention.

    Actor, humanitarian, and businessman, Wendell Pierce, a staunch Obama supporter and fundraiser, wants the Republican convention to focus on issues of hurt in minority America. Pierce was on the phone in his car evacuating his parents from New Orleans to Alabama when he made the comments Monday night.

    Pierce says, “People need to make those delegates aware in Tampa, the same thing I am going to challenge my own party [to do],.. We have to be aware of the object poverty in our country. We have to do something about the violence that is happening with our youth that comes out of that object poverty because of the lack of opportunity."

    Piece is not sure if he will attend the Democratic Convention in Charlotte next week, but is also urging the GOP to stop its efforts to suppress the black vote with voter ID laws.

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