Creflo Dollar Denies Punching, Choking Daughter

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2 thoughts on “Creflo Dollar Denies Punching, Choking Daughter

  1. I agree that discipline is essential, however, there is a proper way to do everything and if Creflo Dollar did choke and “man-handle” his daugher then he was out of line! Being a parent is very hard sometimes but you cannot lose control and abuse your children PERIOD! Growing up my parents whipped, no, they beat us to the point of having marks and it was wrong 30 years ago, and it is wrong now!

  2. I would like to quote Acts of the Apostles, 15:36-40:

    Now after some days Paul said to Barnabas: “Above all things, let us return and visit the brothers in every one of the cities in which we published the word of Jehovah to see how they are. For his part, Barnabas was determined to take along also John, who was called Mark. But Paul did not think it was proper to be taking this one along with them, seeing that he had departed from them from Pamphylia and had not gone with them to the work. At this there occurred a sharp burst of anger, so that they separated from each other; and Barnabas took Mark along and sailed away to Cyprus. Paul selected Silas and went off after he had been entrusted by the brothers to the underserved kindness of Jehovah.

    Do you understand what happened? Paul and Barnabbas got into an argument. This was not just any argument, however. This argument included a “sharp burst of anger”, perhaps ungentlemanly screaming. Did Jehovah leave the Apostle Paul for his unseeming behavior? According to verse 40, “Paul selected Silas and went off after he had been entrusted by the brothers to the underserved kindness of Jehovah.”

    Jehovah God and Jesus Christ His Son know what is in Pastor Dollar’s heart. Even if the pastor engaged in some “unseemingly” behavior, Pastor Dollar was saving not just his daughter’s life, but his life and his wife’s life, since Jehovah and Jesus Christ hold Pastor and Mrs. Dollar responsible for their children.

    One of the individuals who posted to the board said: “He should know what his limits are he’s a pastor now his credibility will be ruined.” Well this time maybe the pastor’s anger and frustration caused him not to see his “limits”. No matter — the blood of Jesus covers us when we go past our limit. And with regard to the pastor’s car being repossessed — so what? With Jehovah, the pastor is flying on wings of eagles, so he doesn’t need the car anyway.

    Don’t sweat the small stuff Pastor Dollar. Jehovah and Jesus have your back. Thank God you did not give in to your daughter’s wrongful desires. May Jehovah bless you and may the blood of Jesus protect you, your family and your congregation.

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