Do You Have a Favorite Child?

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Non-favored children can feel lonely and unwanted as they watch the favorite bask in all the glory. And these old feelings can resurface during troublesome times in adulthood — sometimes when it comes to the care of aging parents, when a parent dies or during adult sibling arguments.

I warn my children’s father about this all the time. While I languish lavishly in the mansion my boys have already promised to buy me, his rocking chair may be rocking on the porch of the old folks home. Just kidding. Kinda. I really don’t think he has a favorite either, but then we both just may be delusional.

I do feel bad for the children who are obviously not the favorite. I think you can easily spot them as adults. They are the ones that always seem to be vying for attention or crave the spotlight – in relationships and the workplace.

And although the damage may dimish as you get older, I don’t think it ever really goes away.

Sooooo … anyone want to ‘fess up to having a favorite kid?

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