Are We There … Yet?

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This past year, I’ve lost friends and had friends with health challenges. These events have reminded me how short our time can be. Are we making the most of what we have? Good for you if you answered yes, ‘cause I’m not doing all that I could or should. Now here’s the realization: The taking-care-of-ourselves part of life not only involves exercise and proper diet, but resting and relaxing as well. If we are gonna work and play hard, we have to give the proper amount of time to rest and recoup as well. And I don’t know about you, but I’m not bouncing back from strenuous activities like back in the day. So as we are traveling the road to wellness, I ask that if we work hard and play hard, take the time to rest well.

Please share with the class how you are doing. Any suggestions, stories or tips are always welcome!

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