Huggy is still so happy that his National won the World Series. The parade Saturday was great, but now he’s confused as to why they’re visiting the White House. He just can’t believe they’re really going to visit 45. The way he sees it is, “winning the World Series and visiting the White House is […]

Nobody thought the Washington Nationals could make it to the World Series, and they sure didn’t think they could win. But, they pulled it off! One of the biggest Nats haters was Roland Martin, who is a huge Houston Astro’s fan. Chris Paul dedicated this Morning Minute to Roland Martin and you don’t want to […]

If you watched Game 5 of the World Series then you noticed a few things. Beyond Donald Trump getting booed by the sellout crowd at Nationals Park and the Astros routing the Nats to take a commanding 3-2 game lead in the best-of-7 series – there were two women who kept flashing Astros pitcher Gerrit Cole during the […]

The Washington Nationals looked great in the World Series! That is…until this weekend. They lost to the Houston Astro’s not once, not twice, but three times. Of course Roland Martin is pumped up but Huggy is heart broken. He just doesn’t understand how they played like the Nationals in Houston but turned into the Washington […]

The Nationals won game one of the World Series and Huggy couldn’t be more excited! He’s so excited about this win that he’s ready to throw a parade. But, he can’t forget to harass the biggest Astro’s fan he knows, Roland Martin. “Mr. Ascot was like his neck, nowhere to be found,” he laughs and adds, “his […]

The World Series officially starts tonight! Huggy and Chris’ Washington Nationals are taking on Roland Martin’s Houston Astros. This series is going to be so exciting especially coming off of the heals of the Mystics win in the WNBA Finals. But, Huggy has to admit, he mostly wants his Nationals to win so he doesn’t […]

The Houston Astros have won the World Series and as you know Tom was rooting for the Dodgers but jumped ship at the last minute when the Astros won. Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner has to let Tom know who’s the real one! “I know Tom knows he’s not talking to the mayor of LA but of Houston, H-Town,” […]


LOS ANGELES (AP) — From laughingstock to lift off. George Springer and the Houston Astros rocketed to the top of the baseball galaxy Wednesday night, winning the first World Series championship in franchise history by romping past the Los Angeles Dodgers 5-1 in Game 7. Playing for a city still recovering from Hurricane Harvey, and […]

11/1/2017- The World Series between the Dodgers and Astros has been close! However, Huggy knows who’s going to win because he’s got the bootleg copy! Listen above for his pick! Like on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram Sign Up For Our Newsletter!

Tom enjoyed himself with Arsenio Hall at the first game of the World Series. But Arsenio threw Tom under the bus for not taking a knee. “I missed the Star-Spangled Banner, Tom what happened to the knee….I was Jackie Robinson late,”  laughed Hall! Like on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram Sign Up For Our Newsletter!

10/25/17- “I could see the smoke coming off that ball,” laughed Tom. He had himself a good time at the first game of the World Series with Arsenio Hall. But he didn’t take a knee! Like on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram Sign Up For Our Newsletter!

10/20/17- The Cubs are out of the series and Sybil is hot about it! Tom picked the Dodgers to beat the Cubs and is rubbing it in! Pray for Sybil y’all! Like on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram Sign Up For Our Newsletter!