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A delivery driver for Uber Eats shared his emotional breakdown on TikTok after driving for over an hour and being tipped only $1.19.

When quarantine food starts to look a little dry, ordering food is definitely the first option.  When you miss fast food, you just have to have it.  Since the coronavirus pandemic started, Uber's food delivery service has reported a 30 percent increase since March. Restaurants have rearranged their business models to make delivery services more available and efficient for those staying at home offering deals like family meals, free delivery charges, and contactless deliveries. 


The family of a Morehouse College graduate who was shot and killed by an Uber Eats driver in front of his Buckhead condo has filed a lawsuit against the ride service, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Ryan Thornton, 30, was gunned down by Robert Bivines after ordering food in February 2018. The shooting was […]

11/9/17-Who are the top 5 people in your life? The coworker who covers for you when you’re late? Or in Kym’s case her baby daddy’s girlfriend and the Costco woman who gives unlimited samples. Wendy’s top person is the Uber driver and Uber eats! Like BlackAmericaWeb.com on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram Sign Up For Our Newsletter!