Toys R Us


HIALEAH, Fla. (AP) — When Toys R Us closed, Toys for Tots felt the loss. The toy giant’s decision to close its stores this year left some huge holes for the annual charity drive to fill. Toys R Us shoppers donated more than 250,000 toys last year and the company gave $5 million in corporate […]


A group of investors is planning a comeback for Toys R Us, in the latest twist for the troubled retail brand. The group, made up of secured lenders, said Tuesday it’s scrapping an auction for intellectual property assets because it didn’t receive any bids that were better than its own. The investors said they’ll work […]

3/23/18- With Toys ‘R’ Us shutting down and the death of its founder Charles Lazarus soon after, everyone’s wondering where Geoffrey The Giraffe is. If you see him, hide him because Chris Paul believes a certain two brothers will hunt him down! READ MORE STORIES ON BLACKAMERICAWEB.COM: GET THE HOTTEST STORIES STRAIGHT TO YOUR INBOX: 

Toys “R” Us founder Charles Lazarus has passed away at the age 94 years old, just one week after the company announced it plans to shut down all U.S. operations. It’s quite possible Lazarus died of a broken heart. As Just Jared reports, he started the company back in 1948 when he was just 25 […]

3/15/18- The place we all know and love as kids are now closing their doors. Toys ‘R’ Us has announced that it’s shutting down and Huggy Lowdown was so overwhelmed by the news that he sung the complete Toys ‘R’ Us theme song practically through tears to honor the toy wonderland. READ MORE STORIES ON BLACKAMERICAWEB.COM: […]

NEW YORK (AP) — Toys R Us is headed toward shuttering its U.S. operations, jeopardizing the jobs of some 30,000 employees while spelling the end for a chain known to generations of children and parents for its sprawling stores and Geoffrey the giraffe mascot. The closing of the company’s 740 U.S. stores over the coming […]

NEW YORK (AP) — Toys R Us, squeezed by and huge chains like Walmart, will close 20 percent of its U.S. stores, or 180 locations, within months. Hobbled by $5 billion in debt, the company that once dominated toy sales in the U.S. filed for bankruptcy protection in September. Chairman and CEO Dave Brandon […]

The holiday season is fast approaching. But a major retailer, Toys R Us, is struggling. Why? It has been a tough road for this company. They have been in a vicious financial cycle since they were acquired by investors twelve years ago for $6.6 billion. The purchase was a leveraged buyout, meaning the investors took […]

09/19/2017- Looks like Jeffery the Giraffe has a new career as a weed seller since Toys ‘R’ Us is filing bankruptcy. He’s got to pay the rent somehow! And Suge Knight’s girlfriend was caught trying to sell a hit-and-run tape to TMZ for $54,000. What is Suge going to do with that money? Nothing! Like […]

NEW YORK (AP) — Toys ‘R’ Us, the big box toy retailer struggling with $5 billion in debt and intense online competition, has filed for bankruptcy protection ahead of the key holiday shopping season — and says its stores will remain open for business as usual. The company said the proceedings are a way for […]

Christmas shopping at Toys “R” Us turned in to an incident of racial profiling, according to Cincinnati Bengals running back James Wilder Jr. In a video he posted on his Facebook page on Monday (Dec. 21), Wilder puts Toys “R” Us on blast for what he called ‘shopping while black.’ Upon arriving at the store, […]