Thursday Morning Mom

9/24/15- Dear Tom, My mother raised me as a single mom while working for the U.S. postal service.  She retired after 36 years – 13 of those years were spent working the night shift– 4 pm to midnight.  During the day, she took college courses…I know it took a minute but after 11 years, she […]

9/17/15- Dear Tom, My mom was born on Halloween and this year, she will be dressed as a 75-year-old – although she doesn’t look it.  She worked as a nurse in a medium security women’s prison for the Oklahoma department of corrections. After work, she would volunteer her time helping inmates learn how to read.  […]

Dear Tom, My Aunt is the single mother of beautiful 8-year-old jade who will be turning “9” this coming Sunday.  My aunt Linda is a proud graduate of Tennessee state university who was living in Chicago working as a bio-medical engineer until 2012, that’s when my grandmother (her mother) was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. She […]

9/3/15- Dear Tom, We were born up in Washington (home of the Seahawks not the Washington Football Team).  My mom moved up from New Orleans to study nursing at university of Washington in Tacoma.  She met a guy and they were married until 2008.  After being up there for 13 years, she moved back to […]

8/27/15- Dear Tom, My mom was a construction worker who operated heavy machinery.  She built things all over Miami working long hours during the day in the Florida heat.  I remember her coming home to sleep a few hours before going back to work the overnight shift because it paid more.  She did what she […]

8/20/15- Dear Tom, My mom is the 2nd youngest of 5 children.  She was born and raised in Dallas and graduated from Prairie View A&M with a Masters in education.  She has been an educator in Dallas for over 30 years and is currently in charge of the cluster program at skyline high – the […]

8/13/15- Dear Tom, First off, I just want to let you know that we love you here in Jacksonville.  A lot of people I know listen to you on the app – including my mom, Nettie Jones. She is one of the most loving and giving people I know.  She sacrificed and went without so that […]

  8/06/15- Dear Tom, My mother raised my sister & me and several cousins as a single mom working for Indiana bell.  She started working there as a telephone operator when she just 19 years old. When she turned 49, she retired as an information assistant for what had become AT&T after 30 years.  During […]

  7/30/15- Dear Tom, I love my mom but she has a serious problem: she doesn’t know how to relax!  To begin with, she has been a full-time second grade teacher at Miami park elementary school for 27 years.  During that time, she somehow managed to be a fully involved wife and mother of 3. […]

  7/23/15- Dear Tom, In 2005, my mother decided to quit her job to pursue a Ph.D. in nursing at Hampton University.  Once she finished, she was offered a post-doctoral fellowship in clinical genetics at the University of Iowa.  In 2009, she returned home to Charleston to conduct research on the “Gullahs” of South Carolina. […]

  7/16/15- Dear Tom, My mom retired after 31 years of working as a production manager at Buick city in northeast flint.  She was divorced early in her marriage and has always been there for me. When I went through a bitter divorce, I thought of going back to school to finish my degree, but […]

  7/09/15- Dear Tom, My mother lost her mother to gun violence at the age of 18.  Ten years prior (when she was 8) she lost her father the same way.  She met her independence early in her life faced with loss, grief and despair but my mom fearlessly pressed on and kept living her […]