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Dear Tom,

My mother is the strongest, hardest working, selfless woman I know. She has always been career driven and raised as a single mom.  I have never needed or wanted for anything…she raised me to be a strong, independent African American woman and sent me to college.

She had worked as a flight attendant since 1973 and has traveled all over the world.  She was based in New York City for 13 years but was based out of Chicago when 9/11 happened – she lost a friend in the north tower that day.  My mom was on a flight back from Tokyo when the plane she was on was diverted to Alaska where they were grounded until travel was resumed many days later.

Dubai, China & Brazil were her favorite destinations but she really enjoyed working the military charters.  She and the other attendants would decorate the plane with red, white & blue and would make care packages for them filled with chocolates & baked goods.  It was a fun way to honor the troops as they were flown into harm’s way.

When she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009 and underwent a double mastectomy followed by breast reconstructive surgery and she has been cancer free ever since.  she just retired from united airlines after 42 years on September 29th and in all those years of flying, not one time, did she encounter j. Anthony brown.

She lives a very simple life and I love her to death but she has always struggled with her wardrobe.  I would like my mother to update her wardrobe for her new retired life.

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One thought on “THURSDAY MORNING MOM: Bonnie Moses

  1. Bonnie moses on said:

    Thanks for selecting my daughter Dylan’s entry about me. When Jay called me I thought it was a prank. He was so nice on the phone. It was like talking to an old friend. I will send photos of me in my new clothes. My daughter is AWESOME and so is The Tom Joyner Morning Show.

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