Black History Month

Today, Charleston, South Carolina, has a reputation of being one of America’s friendliest cities and a popular travel destination for vacationers nationwide. The “Holy City” was also once regarded as the national’s capital of the international slave trade, with 40 to 60 percent of slaves landing in the New World within the region. Sullivan’s Island, […]

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Over the years, we have all heard the stories of how many African-Americans and others are returning home to the South or moving there in search of a better life. The lure of sleepy neighborhoods, cheaper housing, safer schools, and an all-around better lifestyle that seems to elude larger cities, is what draws people to […]

All four Confederate flags posted at Alabama state Capitol’s Confederate memorial were removed Wednesday morning following a quiet order from the state’s governor, Robert Bentley (R).…

A shooting in South Carolina has left multiple people injured with a currently unidentified number of fatalities at one of the most historic and largest…

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This year’s National Fundamentalist Conference, held at Clay Mills Road Baptist, in Kentucky has stirred up some controversy. When the conference decided to do a boxing match skit the pastor’s assistant, Joseph Pickens, showed up in blackface, playing the character of 80’s TV star, Mr.T. Pickens posted his photo as Mr.T on Twitter saying, “#NYFC […]