Sylvia explains why she believes the quality of life lies within the quality of our questions. Are you asking yourself the right questions? Sylvia High, Founder and CEO of Aiming High Inc., is an Author, Master Coach, and Training and Development Strategist with more than 20 years of success, delivering content and context to help […]

Sylvia High discusses what it means to be responsible, and not in the traditional way of thinking about responsibility. She shares how not being responsible causes us to fall into a victim mentality and how we can make clear choices that will have us living a responsible life. Sylvia High, Founder and CEO of Aiming […]

The “Power Of Choice” is one of the most powerful privileges that God has given us. Sylvia High discusses the liberties in having the power to choose and what makes this distinction so compelling. Sylvia High, Founder and CEO of Aiming High Inc., is an Author, Master Coach, and Training and Development Strategist with more than […]

In life there are some things that we can’t stop from happening – they’re out of our control. Things like death are inevitable. But when they do happen we have the ability to choose how to relate to them. Listen as Master Coach Sylvia High discusses her own countonables of life. About Sylvia High Sylvia […]

When is it time for new experiences? How can you determine the time for new adventures? Sylvia gives you tips on how you can identify when the moment has come for you to step out and create new ventures! About Sylvia High Sylvia High, Founder and CEO of Aiming High Inc., is an Author, Master […]

Sylvia High talks about being present in your experiences, saying “We don’t always experience our experiences because we’re wishing for some other experiences other than the one that we’re having.” Watch the full video above. Follow Sylvia on @SylviaHigh and super producer ​@ShirleyVernae on Twitter, IG & Facebook About Sylvia High Sylvia High, Founder and CEO […]

There is a whole world filled of different cultures, languages, landmarks and foods. A world that is sitting at our fingertips, waiting for us to experience it. Go and see what this beautiful world has to offer. Whether it’s taking a bus to a new city or hopping on a flight to visit another country […]

Sometimes we get so tied up in receiving we miss out on the joy in giving. There are so many ways in which we can give and show our appreciation to those around us through the gesture of giving. Tap into your gratitude and express it through your power of being able to shower people […]

There’s been so many times when I feel like I’ve been battling with something for so long, in a situation for too long or working towards a goal that I feel like has no end in sight. Well to everything there is a beginning and an end. Without rushing the process, know that with every […]

Too many times we forget that God is the light unto our feet and we try to take control of our lives, leaving us in distress, troubled and burdened. Let go and let God. Cliche yes, but it’ll ensure you’ll get exactly where God is trying to take you! Be sure to follow Shirley on […]

Choosing the right perspective can put a completely different spin on your experiences. Whether it be a journey in romance, career or spirituality, choose a point of view that supports you in having fun, enjoying your ride and having one heck of an experience! Enjoy your journey! Like on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.

Too often we forget that we have a undeniable power within ourselves that can literally move mountains. We can speak life or death into our lives with our words alone. Whatever it is that you want, say it and claim it! Take the power of the tongue and use it to transform your life and […]