Donald Trump is saturating the airwaves with adds for his presidential campaign. Reverend Al Sharpton says his buying adds on Black stations shouldn’t anger us, but it should prove something to us. He says this shows how important our vote is. Think about it, he and his team are spending top dollar to try to […]

The Mueller report was released to the public last week and now that we’ve seen just about everything, the question is whether or not Democrats should be pushing for impeachment. There were 10 incidents of obstruction against Trump explained in the redacted version and of course that’s not a good thing. Reverend Al. Sharpton says impeachment needs […]

Yesterday Donald Trump addressed the country and claimed we are in a state of emergency when in reality, “he’s the emergency,” says Reverend Al. Trump didn’t say anything new at all, he just went on and on about the same old things. He said nothing about getting government workers their paychecks or ending the government shut […]

Despite all of the foolishness that surrounds us, Reverend Al says we have so much to be thankful for. This season we need to rally around with our families and celebrate each other. As we gather around the table tomorrow “don’t talk about gossip,” talk about the issues that matter and how to bring about […]