Black America Web celebrates Black Music Month by saluting influential icons in the music industry

Alpha Phi Alpha is fighting against Florida's controversial policies on race education by moving its 2025 convention out the Sunshine State.

Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court approved a Black woman's right to sue Harvard for profiting off images of her enslaved ancestors.

A Maryland educator hired for a DEI gig in Cherokee County, GA was ousted by anti-CRT parents & then targeted after moving on in Cobb County.

Racism proved to be ageless yet again after a California varsity cheer team was pictured with a Black mannequin head they called "Kareem."

Two Colerain High School students in Cincinnati made a mockery of prejudice by taping "Whites only" & "Blacks only" signs on water fountains.

A Michigan teacher chose to uphold racial stereotypes by asking students to identify primates in a set of pictures of monkeys & Barack Obama.

An eighth grade teacher at San Francisco's predominately white Creative Arts Charter School was allegedly suspended after missing five weeks of school following pushback on a lesson about slavery that involved bringing in cotton plants.

A Black student at Ohio State University recently made a comment that played to the fears of both sides in the debate over Critical Race Theory after expressing that he "full-heartedly" believes that Black people are the superior race.

Michelle Obama's brother Craig Robinson is currently pursing a lawsuit after his pre-teen boys were expelled from the University School of Milwaukee in response to a complaint he and his wife made about potential racist stereotyping and bias in their homework assignments.

The well-documented history of Black people being inhumanely compared to apes recently came to light in Virginia after a history teacher decided to sue a former student for leaving a banana on his door once every month.

Two Black students at Georgia State University found themselves in an unlikely run-in with authorities after a professor, also Black, called campus police on them for arriving to her class just two minutes late.