Racial Insensitivity

Airbnb has come under major scrutiny recently after some listings proudly boasted about being built on the grounds of former slave cabins.

Colombian reggaetón star J Balvin has apologized for a music video that portrays Black women as dogs wearing leashes and on all fours.

A pair of white journalists for KATV in Little Rock, Arkansas found themselves getting suspended after rocking synthetic Afro wigs during an on-air segment in September.

Trinity Bethune, a 21-year-old Black woman from North Carolina, unfortunately found herself as the butt of a racially insensitive joke after the dealership she bought her first car from thought it would be humorous to thank her with a Facebook post that read, "Congratulations to Bon Quisha on her 2016 Toyota Camry."

Comedian-turned-councilman Augie Tulba of Honolulu recently reposted one of his old skit videos showing himself in blackface, and somehow we're having a hard time getting the joke. At all.


The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is under fire for creating and displaying numerous posters depicting a Black student with crime scene tape wrapped around her neck in an advertisement for the school’s criminal justice program. The young woman in the poster is reportedly a student in the department. The school is now apologizing after backlash from […]


ROME (AP) — Gucci has apologized for a wool sweater after complaints that it resembled blackface makeup and said the item had been pulled from its online and physical stores. It was the latest case of an Italian fashion house having to apologize for cultural or racial insensitivity. In a statement posted on Twitter on […]

Superstar baller LeBron James just found out that even though he’s famous and rich, he’s still gotta be careful about the words coming out of mouth. Or as far as this story is concerned, the the words he typed into his Instagram account. You see, Bron finds himself “out there” all because of a comment he made about […]