Pam Grier

On Twitter, a young man decided to choose violence and basically said that Grier wasn't keeping his grandpappy and uncle's heads on a swivel in the 1970s.

There were rumors floating around social media that veteran actress Pam Grier was diagnosed with stage four cancer.  Fortunately,  these rumors are 100 percent false. According to TMZ, a rep from Grier’s team said she is in great health and is keeping busy. Grier is currently filming the third season of Bless This Mess, which airs […]

In honor of the Mother’s Day weekend, Oleebo reviewed a movie that moms will love. It’s called “Poms” and it stars Pam Grier. In the film, a group of older women form a cheer-leading squad at their retirement home. He says it’s just like the movie “Bring It On” but with “old women.” It’s a […]

Iconic 70’s bombshell Pam Grier will have her biography xx made into a biopic, Deadline reports. The Queen of Blaxpliotation, still beloved to this day has a script in place written by Bennie Richburg (Martin, Jamie Foxx Show, Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air)  that is being shopped. The film will be based on her 2010 book […]

Hulu is teaming with producers DeVon Franklin, Tony Krantz and MGM TV to develop a series based on Pam Grier’s 1974 blaxploitation classic “Foxy Brown,” with Franklin’s wife Meagan Good to take on the lead role, reports Malcolm Spellman (“Empire”) and Ben Watkins (“Burn Notice:) will pen the TV adaptation, described by Deadline as […]

Are you not getting your black cinema fix with your current streaming provider? Well, the Brown Sugar streaming service may be just what you need. The new service is filled with black film classics including The Mack, Shaft, Super Fly, Dolemite, Cotton Comes to Harlem, Foxy Brown, Blacula, Uptown Saturday Night, Cooley High, Coffy, Black […]

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) — Actress Pam Grier and opera soprano Jessye Norman are among the recipients of Harvard University’s 2016 W.E.B. Du Bois medals honoring those who have made significant contributions to African and African American history and culture. Grier and Norman will be honored at the fourth annual Hutchins Center Honors on Oct. 6. […]

Dr. Pam “Foxy Brown” Grier turns the tables & gets direct with Deya about women handling love, life & relationships. She even reveals what happened with her own love life.

Deya and Pam Grier get deep about fighting for her life, giving up fame and fortune, balance and focusing on what really matters.

For Dr. Day Season,Deya Gets Direct with Pam (Foxy Brown) Grier about having stage 4 cancer and finding out at the early age of 39.