WHEN IT COMES TO TAKING CARE OF OUR TEETH, WHAT ARE THE TOP THINGS WE MUST DO? The top 3 things that you must do are brush, floss, and see your dentist regularly. How often you see the dentist depends on how healthy your gums are.  It’s no longer the norm to say, “See your […]

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Dental health experts worry that more people are using toothpaste that skips the most important ingredient — fluoride — and leaves them at a greater risk of cavities. Most toothpastes already contain fluoride. While health authorities recognize fluoride as a cavity blocker, the internet is dotted with claims, often from “natural” toothpaste marketers and alternative […]

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HOLMDEL, N.J. (AP) — It’s one of the most universal recommendations in all of public health: Floss daily to prevent gum disease and cavities. Except there’s little proof that flossing works. Still, the federal government, dental organizations and manufacturers of floss have pushed the practice for decades. Dentists provide samples to their patients; the American […]

Bryan T. Osterday, DDS is from Cincinnati, OH.  He attended Miami University and The Ohio State University College of Dentistry. He spent 14 years in private practice and is now the Professional Liaison Consultant within the Professional Oral Health division of Procter & Gamble.  In this role, he helps to oversee professional development within the […]

Is that a loose teeth? Maybe a bump in your mouth that has been there for awhile.  Here are the parts of your mouth that…

10/16/15 – Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Dr. Catrise Austin about the importance of oral health and what you can do to improve your dental health today! For more information about Austin, visit here. Like BlackAmericaWeb.com on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.

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How well do you brush your teeth? Do you… Use soft bristle tooth brush (and change it at least every 3 months or when bristles go haywire) Use a toothpaste with fluoride Brush your teeth twice a day, one of those being prior to bed Brush all teeth surfaces (even the ones you can’t see) […]

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Dr. Edward Chappelle is the president of the National Dental Association. Dr. Chappelle is presently practicing general dentistry in Bowie, Maryland, a suburb of Washington, D.C., with an emphasis in cosmetic dentistry. He served as president of the Robert T. Freeman Dental Society, Washington, D.C.   Dr. Chappelle has served in numerous leadership roles for the […]

  Oral Health Overview In May 2000, the first-ever Surgeon General’s report on oral health, Oral Health in America, called attention to the “silent epidemic” of dental and oral diseases that burdens millions of children and adults throughout the United States. In the report, the Surgeon General addressed the importance of building a science and […]

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The TJMS crew talks with Kahlila Alexander, the P & G North America Oral Care Communications Manager about the importance of oral care and the Crest Pro Health toothpaste. Crest is a proud partner with the TMJS to support overall oral health.