T.I. has pleaded not guilty in the criminal case stemming from his run-in with a security guard outside his gated community in Georgia. Tip filed the documents last week, according to The Blast. He reportedly requested that his case go to trial, believing he can win the case if a jury hears the full story. He’s […]

A majority of white Americans say they are victims of anti-white discrimination in many facets of their lives. In a new national poll, more whites surveyed say discrimination against them is a real issue and that African-Americans are favored in the job market, according to a poll released by NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation […]

During an NPR Weekend Addition interview, Bill Cosby, 77, refused to answer host Scott Simon’s questions about recently, reemerged rape allegations against America’s Dad. RELATED:…

The Chicago Public Media’s new marketing campaign is taking a unique approach to grow their audience. WBEZ’s 2013 Membership Drive is encouraging listeners to procreate to ensure a future of listeners that would be inclined to tune into their station. This is the first time the National Public Radio affiliate has developed a new marketing […]

Former “Good Time’s” star, Jimmie Walker, chatted with NPR’s Michele Martin recently to discuss his position on why major studios would rather avoid black films. According to him, the community protests too frequently about the stereotypes projected on film. But he argues that some of the stereotypes that may appear bad aren’t necessarily negative. “What […]

“Django Unchained” director Quentin Tarantino is crediting his mother as being one of Wilt Chamberlin’s many girlfriends. Tarantino said his mom was one of thousands of women the NBA legend admitted to sleeping with in his autobiography “A View From Above.” “It was the ’70s and I was living with these three hip single ladies, […]