Former “Good Time’s” star, Jimmie Walker, chatted with NPR’s Michele Martin recently to discuss his position on why major studios would rather avoid black films.

According to him, the community protests too frequently about the stereotypes projected on film. But he argues that some of the stereotypes that may appear bad aren’t necessarily negative.

“What happens is, it also is reflective in black TV shows and movies, that you’re not gonna get anymore of those because of the constant complaining, moaning and groaning… The point is to make money,” he said. “And therefore, the networks themselves have actually stopped doing any ethnic shows, because they don’t want the aggravation… What has happened is that any minority character you see on a show now is always the police commissioner, the head of the hospital, the school superintendent. Those kinds of people don’t invoke followers. The people who are going to get attention are the wacky guys… who eventually become stars… You’ll never see a black Will Ferrell, You’ll never see a black Adam Sandler, because black people aren’t allowed to play those kind of roles.”

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8 thoughts on “Jimmie Walker Tells Black People to Stop Complaining

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  2. THE BUTT NAKED TRUTH! on said:

    You can tell when a NIGGAH has reached his full NIGGAHTURATY!! They say things like this and have a blonde hoe on their arms. A classic case of NIGGAHITISS!

  3. So what I’m understanding from your prognosis Jimmie Walker is for black people to endure or tolerate what was it that Bill Cosby called them? Oh yeah, “drive-by characters”. The producers and creators could not be bothered to get out of their autos and get better acquainted with the black community located across town from them. Money gets made from these movies and tv shows but at the expense of who? Adam Sandler for all of the movies he’s appeared in will never reach the level of a Jerry Lewis. Will Ferrell ain’t been in nothing to write home about either. The main reason terms like ” black Will Ferrell” and “black Adam Sandler” are used, because white folks are clueless as to the identity of black actors. They don’t go outside of their comfort zone via publications about black actors (i.e. Ebony, Jet, Right-On, etc.) What resume does Jimmie Walker have? Five years on Good Times, one season on the ABC show At Ease as Sgt. Tyrone “Val” Valentine, Bootney Farnsworth in the 1975 Sidney Portier Bill Cosby movie, Let’s Do It Again and that one comedy album Dynamite. His 15 minutes or seconds of fame has come and gone.

  4. Cherry Byrd on said:

    Jimmy Walker, you ARE a stereotype!! Did Ann Coulter tell you to say that?? Start scratching and looking about with those big eyes Stepin Fetchit.

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  6. I guess he wants black people to stop complainting so he can bring back his JJ Evans character to television. I’m pretty sure that’s what he mean by “wacky.” Go sit down clown.

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