Michael Winans Jr., who was convicted in February for running Ponzi Scheme that left dozens of his victims in financial ruin, is now asking the…

Huggy Lowdown announces this week’s “Bama of the Week” but in this case one special celebrity is named “Bama for Life” and after his recent jail sentence it’s not hard to guess who it is. ———————- TOM JOYNER:  And now it’s time for the Celebrity Snitch, Huggy Low Down.  Huggy! HUGGY LOWDOWN:  What’s the deal, […]

Could Shawty-Lo‘s TV show be heading to another network? It might be. Plus, Chris Paul takes a hilarious look at the Winans’ family member heading to prison over a ponzi scheme. ——————— This is Chris Paul from the TJMS running through the top stories in roughly sixty seconds with The Morning Minute. Oh, no, a […]

Huggy Lowdown jokes with the crew about the Winans’ arrest, the Pope, the CIAA and more on the TJMS.  

DETROIT (AP) — A judge sentenced a member of gospel music’s Winans family to nearly 14 years in prison Wednesday for an $8 million financial scam that was promoted in church pulpits. Two of Michael Winans Jr.‘s victims spoke in federal court, telling a judge that the scheme to sell Saudi Arabian oil bonds robbed […]