Last week on Get Well Wednesday we talked about Menopause and Guy has been thinking about it ever since. At the cigar bar over the weekend, he and the fellas discussed how they believe they should bring up the topic of menopause with their ladies. Sybil and Tom stop him in his tracks and say […]

WHAT EXACTLY DEFINES MENOPAUSE? Menopause is defined as the time in a woman’s life when ovarian functioning has permanently ended, & there has been an absence of menses for 12 months consecutively.  WHAT IS PERIMENOPAUSE? Perimenopause is a time when ovarian hormonal production is fluctuating and fertility is ending.This can proceed menopause by four to […]

Wendy Williams is back on her talk show this week after a three-week hiatus ordered by her doctor. The 52-year-old talk show host says that she knew that she had both hyperthyroidism and Graves’s disease for over 20 years but mixing that with menopause is what caused her collapse and subsequent illness. reports: We, […]

Don't suffer in silence. Our resident expert Dr. Gayon Hyatt weighs in on the taboo topic.

According to a recent report nearly 6 and 10 over 60 are still sexually active. Researchers say whether a women after menopause is in a relationship or not has to do with whether she still has sex. Listen to the audio player to hear the full story in the latest Jazzy Report. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Listen […]

Q: I am going through menopause and my hair is thinning. What is the best oil, shampoo and conditioner for my hair? – P. Terry…

Q: What can I do for menopause bloating? – Jeanne C. LIKE on Facebook! Get Your Daily Medicine…For LIFE!   A: There are ways…

Many women look forward to the end of having monthly periods but ultimately, they find, menopause is no walk in the park either. Hot flashes, weight gain, vaginal dryness, painful sex and urinary tract infections can put a real damper on a woman’s sex life. Dr. Lauren Streicher, a gynecologist who contributes articles and has […]

J. Anthony Brown has an anthem for all the women who struggle with menopause.